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Our specialty is land beautification. When trees, brush and other undergrowth have taken over your property, Patriot Land Management is here for YOU!

Services Offered 

Discover how our Fire Fuels Reduction Land Management Services can safeguard your property against potential fire hazards. Contact us now to learn more about our range of services:


Fire Fuels Reduction

Our comprehensive fire fuels reduction service includes forest thinning, brush removal, and tree trimming.

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Forest Mulching

Clear desired areas by removing select trees and grinding saplings and brush into mulch, leaving mature healthy trees intact.

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Tree Removal

With 15 years of experience, our expert team safely climbs, trims, and disposes of tree limbs, ensuring hazard-free surroundings.


Stump Grinding

Say goodbye to unsightly stumps with our professional stump grinding service, either grinding them below the surface or completely removing them.

Tree Over RoadTree Cleanup

Emergency Tree

Call us for prompt assistance with land management emergencies, including storm-fallen trees, limb, and root ball removal.


DNR Cost Share

As a DNR Cost Share Contractor, property owners can request DNR assessments with our assistance to enhance property safety.


Snow Removal

Our team is equipped to tackle even the heaviest snowfall, efficiently moving or removing snow to keep your property accessible and safe.

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