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Our specialty is land beautification. When trees, brush and other undergrowth have taken over your property, Patriot Land Management is here for YOU!

Services Offered

To discover more about our Fire Prevention Land Management Services, contact us now.

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Forest Mulching

Removal of select trees to thin and clean a desired area. The mature healthy trees are left and all saplings and brush are ground into mulch.


Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention is mainly fire fuel reduction, it includes forest thinning, brush removal and trimming the remaining tree’s. This makes it much more difficult..


Debris Removal

A storm can create an unmanageable mess for property owners. Many times it can uproot trees and leave them in the most inconvenient places.


Tree Trimming

With 15 years experience in tree work we will safely climb, trim and dispose of limbs. We have a vast knowledge of hazard tree management.

Tree Over RoadTree Cleanup

Tree Removal

Our team has 15 years of experience climbing, felling and removing trees. We remove tree’s anywhere from back yards to forested properties.


Stump Grinding

Do you have a stump that you just want gone? We’ll either grind it down below the surface or dig it out completly.


DNR Cost Share

We are a DNR Cost Share Contractor, what this means is you as the property owner can request DNR to come asses your property.

Tree Over RoadTree Cleanup

Emergency Tree

Please call us for any of your land management emergencies. This includes trees fallen from storms, limb and root ball removal.


Snow Removal

Our team moves mountains… of snow. With the right machinery we’ll move or remove any snow in your way.


Driveway Cleaning

Are you tired of shoveling your driveway or do you not have the equipment to do so safely? We have the experience



We are equipped and ready to plow parking lots, gravel roads and HOA’s. Let’s get your property scheduled before the next storm.

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