Why Should You Have Faith in Patriot Land Management?

Patriot Land Management wants to assist you in making your property look its best.

We strive to do each project correctly to your liking and our goal is for perfection.

We have specialized in this area for over 15 years.

We operate in Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

We are hard working, efficient and are willing to travel for your project.

We use high quality equipment combined with a skilled team.

Customer service is always our number one priority.

Contact us right away for a fast, honest and fair estimate.

Our Promise

We promise to listen to you as the customer to ensure we understand the desired outcome for your property with 100% satisfaction. Our goal is to beautify your land while being environmentally conscious.

Our People

Our team is comprised of honest, hard working and dedicated individuals. We live by integrity, service, excellence and are proud to be veteran owned and operated.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a landscape that is safe, beneficial for vegetation and enjoyable to the land owner. The Patriot Land Management team operates attentively through calculated approaches for long term forrest health.

Meet The Team

Kelly Long

Founder CEO

Kelly Long’s passion for the beatification in land management began at the age of 16. He worked for Tree’s Inc during and after high school and loved his experience. At the age of 21, he joined the Air Force.

Jacob Pope

Team Member

Jacob Pope is an all American who has traveled all over the world. As a young man he devoted all of his time becoming a CHL hockey goalie before he started his military journey. His service began as a member of the U.S Army Infantry where he completed 6 years of duty.

Mitchell Long

Team Member

Some of Our Services

We’ll help manage anything that’s in your way, from rocks to trees. We may also clear up any debris left behind from previous jobs you’ve had done, such as logging or new construction.

To discover more about our land clearing services, contact us now.

Land Clearing

Land Clearing consists removing all vegetation, trees and brush in a desired area. This can be useful for new home or shop construction, vehicle parking areas.

Forest Thinning

Selective removal of some trees to open and clean up a desired area. The mature healthy trees are left and all of the saplings and brush are ground into mulch.

Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention is mainly fire fuel reduction, it includes forest thinning, brush removal and trimming the remaining tree’s. This makes it much more difficult for fire to spread.

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