Stump Grinding /Removal Services

No stump is too big or hard…

Patriot Land Management provides stump grinding/removal services, beautifying your land. We have well-trained specialists for handling stump grinding equipment and mulching the removals.

We ensure to clean and grind all the stumps well below ground level, removing all the hazards and leftovers.

Stump grinding/removal is one of the most cost-effective and green options for removing unwanted stumps. We have a range of machines to help you with the best techniques and options available.

When do you need stump grinding/removal?

The stump becomes a hazard

Stump is hideous

Need of landscaping the area

To add value to the property

To utilize the space

Roots are lifting or damaging buildings/structures/properties

Stump removal for new construction

Stum has termites/pests in it

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