Tree Removal

Tree Removal Services

Even while we love maintaining the lush and lovely scenery, some trees could eventually become dangerous to humans or damaging to property. We are pleased to provide you with our reasonable tree services. We can assist in locating such dangers. Our tree removal services are available throughout Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

Tree And Shrub Removal Service by Patriot Land Management

Are you having issues with trees encroaching too closely on buildings, obstructing sunlight, or producing an excessive amount of waste? Patriot Land Management is here to cover you! We offer skilled and reasonable tree services at your convenience thanks to our 15 years of experience.

We remove diseased, dead, or ugly trees that could harm your property or detract from its value. And you can rely on us to complete our removals expertly and safely. We have all the necessary equipment and skills to handle tree removal projects.

Our skilled professionals will solve your issues affordably and effectively based on your needs. We guarantee you a high standard of tree removal work and total satisfaction with the finished product.

Tree Removal Cost – Measuring Parameters

The price of removing a tree depends on the tree. We need to examine it in person to give you cheap and great tree services. Some factors play an important role.

Location: The location impacts the price of tree removal. Removing a tree becomes considerably more difficult if it is close to your home, other buildings, or electricity lines. Consider this. The weight of a single limb can reach 1,000 pounds. That may seriously harm your home or make a dent in your yard if it were to fall. We, therefore, come up with a thorough plan to make sure it doesn’t occur.

Tree size: As you would have imagined, larger trees are more expensive to cut down. Simply said, there is more to do!

Client necessities: We offer a variety of tree removal alternatives to our clients. Do you object to us driving on the grass? Yes, please! To make it happen, we collaborate with you.

Equipment requirements: Depending on your tree’s size, we’ll need different equipment. For a large tree close to your house, we will use a rig or crane to lower the tree in parts.

Time and crews: Based on the above factors, we calculate the amount of time and personnel needed to complete the task safely. We could cut down a little tree in a remote area in a matter of hours. On the other hand, if it’s a larger, more complex task, it can take a full week.

Replanting After Tree And Shrub Removal

It is feasible to plant a tree again in a location where one has already been cut down, but you must first prepare the soil.

  1. Clear the Space

The soil must be cleared of debris after the tree and stump have been removed from it. After removing the tree and stump, clean the soil. Clear all the debris. If you hire us to remove the tree, you don’t have to worry about this step. We don’t leave behind any mess.

  1. Use topsoil to repair it

Always, topsoil fills the space left behind when a tree stump is removed. It aids in the healing of the land after tree removal. Although there are other options, topsoil will always be the best choice.

  1. Allow the wound to heal

Everything needs time to recover, and so does the soil. The recovery could take anything between six months and a year, so you’ll have to wait.

  1. Replant

Make sure the desired plant is in the season before you plant once the soil is ready. If all is well, you can plant the tree there or close by.

Should You Search For a Reasonable Tree Service?

Deciding if you should use a tree removal service when problems arise is frequently challenging. Many considerations can come into play, including the cost of tree work and, in some cases, emotional links to the tree. It is preferable to call a professional if you notice any of the following symptoms.

How strong is the tree?

It is wise to remove a tree if 50% of it is injured. A declining tree can live for many years, but its development and appearance will always be restricted or irregular.

Damage to the trunk

Internal degradation is indicated by vertical seams, fissures, dead branch stubs, and extensive, older wounds. Often, a tree should be cut down if its primary trunk has suffered significant damage. The wound may gradually close up and no permanent harm should occur if the affected area is less than 25% of the trunk’s circumference.

The tree is hollow.

Many trees will survive for years with a hollow trunk because the xylem and phloem, the life-sustaining tissue of a tree, are on the outside edges of the trunk. The problem may be a weak trunk, which makes the tree hazardous. One rule of thumb is that a tree should probably be removed if one-third of its interior is hollow or decaying.

Are there any massive dead branches?

People and property are at risk from giant trees that have had their tops snapped or from large damaged limbs. The tree is likely to survive if less than 25% of its branches are harmed. You should remove branch crosses and rubs.

Has there been any root-damaging excavation close to the tree?

The root system should probably be removed if 50% of it is destroyed.

DIY Tree Removal Vs. Hiring a Professional

The latter is preferable if you wonder whether DIY tree removal is better than hiring a professional. Of course, there are benefits to hiring experts over do-it-yourself tree removal tricks.

Cutting costs is the only benefit of doing DIY tree removal. If you hire a pro to remove a tree, you will have to pay more money than if you did it yourself.

But – 

  • DIY workers lack the expertise of professionals, which leads to poor results. DIY tree removal may not always turn out perfectly.
  • While working, DIYers may harm the surroundings and have no way to make up for it. A professional employee, on the other hand, offers greater service with assurance.

Why Patriot Land Management

Whether it’s tree removal or forest thinning, our commitment sets us apart from competing companies. Our staff consists of sincere, hardworking, and dedicated individuals. Our lives are guided by greatness, service, and integrity. Our objective is to create a landscape that is safe, beneficial to plants, and attractive to the landowner. To preserve the long-term health of the forest, the Patriot Land Management team follows meticulous processes.

You can get in touch with us via phone or text at any time, and we will respond as soon as possible. While prioritizing safety, we are always up for a challenge. Also included in our list of services are emergency tree service, stump grinding, fighting fires, tree trimming, and forest thinning.